The First Meeting of Country Representatives and Partners of the Regional Expert Group on Migration and Health in EECA has been launched in Tbilisi

Country representatives of REG in the countries of EECA, representatives of health authorities of the EECA countries, experts from regional and international organizations, UN agencies 🇺🇳 are invited to discuss key issues and exchange their experience.

“Throughout history, migration has been one of the fundamental aspects of the life of society, and it will continue in the future. According to WHO, today international migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers, are more than 13% of the total population in the WHO European Region, up from just under 4% in 1990. It is becoming obvious that the health of refugees and migrants is an integral component of the health of the population, and without considering this issue, it is impossible to talk about universal access to health services. Evidence suggests that the processes and pressures associated with migration and displacement are key social determinants of health and may expose these populations to an increased risk of HIV infection and health deterioration due to lack of adequate treatment. “ – shares Sergey Filippovich, Director of the regional project “Sustainability of services for key populations in EECA countries (#SoS_project)”, Alliance for Public Health and the participant of this Meeting.

During the next two days, participants will have a discussion on the following topics:

  • conducting research to comprehensively assess the health of migrants and their access to health services in the EECA region;learning to present study results and discuss evidence-based arguments with decision-makers, representatives of civil society, the academic community and international organizations;
  • conducting expert dialogue to promote cross-border cooperation between countries of origin and reception of migrants with the aim of creating bilateral and multilateral agreements in the field of health of people on the move;
  • development of efficient campaigns to promote cross-border cooperation to protect migrants’ health.