European Testing Week: joining forces for health

On the eve of its 10th anniversary, European Testing Week continues its important mission to raise awareness of hepatitis and HIV viruses and encourage early testing. Launched in 2013, the campaign has become a widely recognized European public health event, bringing together the strength of partner organizations in public health, medicine, and policy. It is held twice a year, in May and November, and each time mobilizes hundreds of organizations across Europe.

European Testing Week aims to bring partner organizations together for a week with one goal – to increase testing efforts and raise awareness of the benefits of early detection of hepatitis and HIV viruses. Volunteers from various sectors of society, be it NPOs, health agencies, or political institutions, contribute their time and energy to organize various activities during this week.

Every year, hundreds of organizations support this campaign, making it a truly European event. What once started as an annual event has now become a biennial, coming twice a year, in spring and fall. These two annual weeks have one common goal – to increase access to testing and promote awareness of the benefits of early detection of hepatitis and HIV viruses.

In 2023, European Testing Week celebrates its 10th anniversary from November 20 to 27, highlighting the importance of continued efforts in the fight against HIV and hepatitis. The initiative continues to serve as an important tool in helping to combat the spread of infections, providing earlier diagnosis, and supporting public health. To learn more about the campaign itself, and how to join or get the help you need, visit